Current Graduate Students

     Name Degree Thesis Title Completion
Narode, Asmita Ph.D. Development of protocols measure the heat production potential of industrial wastes buried in landfills 2021
Qoriatul Fitriyah
Vie Villafuerte Patino M.S. Does the Disposal of Per- and Polyfluoralkyl Substances (PFAS)-Containing Special Waste Impact Leachate PFAS Concentrations?


Previous Graduate Students

     Name Degree Thesis Title Completion
Hao, Zisu Ph.D. Development of a mathematical model to describe heat production and accumulation in landfills 2019
Jaunich, Megan Ph.D. Exploring Waste Policy and Management Approaches to Achieve Cost and Environmental Goals: Application of Life-Cycle Optimization Frameworks to Municipal and Electronic Waste Management Case Studies 2019
Lang, Johnsie Ph.D. Per- and polyfluoroalkyl Substances in Municipal Splid Waste and Landfill Leachate 2016
Wang, Xiaoming Ph.D. Biodegradability of Forest Products in Laboratory- and Field-Scale Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Landfills 2015
De La Cruz, Florentino Ph.D. Fate and Reactivity of Lignin in Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Landfill 2014
Levis, Jim Ph.D. A Mathematical Programming Life-Cycle Assessment Model for Solid Waste Decision Making 2013
Weaver, Joe Ph.D. Effect of Inoculum Source on the Rate and Extent of Anaerobic Biodegradation 2013
Mostafid, Mohammad Irfan
(Uni. of Delaware)
Ph.D. Assessing aerobic activity during aerobic bioreactor landfilling and quantifying gas and water transport properties of landfill biocovers 2011
Laner, David (Vienna Institute of Technology) Ph.D. Understanding and evaluating long-term environmental risks from landfills 2011
Staley, Bryan  Ph.D. Environmental and Spatial Factors Affecting Microbial Ecology and Metabolic Activity during the Initiation of Methanogenesis in Solid Waste 2009
Saquing, Jovita  Ph.D. Sorption Behavior and Persistence of Organic Contaminants in Landfills 2009
Kaplan, Ozge  Ph.D. A New Multiple Criteria Decision Making Methodology for Environmental Decision Support 2006
Chen, Ye  Ph.D. Effect of Aging on the Bioavailability of Toluene Sorbed to Municipal Solid Waste Components. 2003
Wu, B. Ph.D. Factors Controlling Alkylbenzene Sorption and Desorption in Municipal Solid Waste 2002
Houssain, Sahadat  Ph.D. Mechanics of Compressibility and Shear Strength of Municipal Solid Waste for Bioreactor Landfill 2002
Harrison, K. W.  Ph.D. Environmental Decision-Making Under Uncertainty 2002
Ress, B. B.  Ph.D. Subsurface Spatial Heterogeneity and Its Effects on Biodegradation Rates and Hydrocarbon Plume Behavior 2000
Zenker, M. J.  Ph.D. Biodegradation of Ethers in Natural and Engineered Systems 2000
Solano, E.  Ph.D. Integrated Solid Waste Management Alternatives in Consideration of Economic and Environmental Factors: A Mathematical Model and Development and Evaluation 1999
Dumas, R.  Ph.D. A Methodology for Analyzing the Cross Media Life-Cycle Environmental Impacts of Optimal Solid Waste Management Strategies: Comparison of Global and Local Model Domains with Assessment of Air Quality Impacts 1999
Hilger, H. A. Ph.D. Methene oxidation in landfill cover soils 1998
Kota, S.  Ph.D. Biodegradation in Contaminated Aquifers: Influence of Microbial Ecology and Iron Bioavailability 1998
Hunt, M.J.  Ph.D. Assessing Intrinsic Biodegradation of Hydrocarbons in Anaerobic Coastal Plain Aquifers 1997
Wang, Y.S.  Ph.D. Biodegradation of Cellulosic and Anthropogenic Compounds in Landfills 1997
Malone, J. M.  Ph.D. Chemical Leaching and Transport Modeling of Organic Reagents Used in Sodium Silicate Grouts 1996
Schupp, Sierra M.S. The effect of temperature on methane generation from solid waste excavated from landfills with elevated temperatures 2020
Lopez, Victoria M.S. Commercial Food Waste Feedstock Characterization for Anaerobic Digestion 2015
Hodge, Keith. M.S. A Systematic Evaluation of Alternatives for Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional Food Waste Management Strategies in the U.S. 2015
Weaver, Joe M.S. Effect of Inoculum Source on the Rate and Extent of Anaerobic Biodegradation 2013
Lang, Johnsie M.S. Experimental Investigation of Hydraulic Properties and Sulfate Release of Construction and Demolition (C&D) Waste Fines with the Addition of Lime 2012
Prevost, Rosanna M.S. Aerosolization and Quantification of Surrogate Biological Warfare Agents under Simulated Landfill Conditions 2010
Padgett, Jennifer  M.S. Biodegradability of Wood Products under Simulated Landfill Conditions 2009
Levis-Reale, J.  M.S. A Life-Cycle Analysis of Alternatives for the Management of commercial Waste in Delaware 2008
Azam, Hossain  M.S. Oxidation of Methane in Landfill Covers 2007
Mitchell, Lisa  M.S. Factors Controlling Desorption Rates of Hydrophobic Organic Contaminants from Municipal Solid Waste 2005
Cowie, Steve  M.S. Emission of non-methane organic compounds (NMOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) from decomposing refuse and individual waste components and under different conditions 2004
Wagner, Travis  M.S. Factors Controlling Hydrophobic Organic Contaminant Sorption to and Desorption from Municipal Solid Waste 2003
Li, Minshing M.S. Life-Cycle Inventory (LCI) Development for s Solid Waste Coal Blend Gasification System for Production of Power and Chemicals 2002
Ihnatolya, John  M.S. Production of Non-Methane Organic Compounds (NMOCs) During the Decomposition of Refuse and Individual Waste Components Under Various Operating Conditions 2002
Price, G  M.S. Long-Term Nitrogen Management in Bioreactor Landfills 2001
Pai, P.  M.S. Environmental Implications of Packaging Material Choice and Associated Solid Waste Management Alternatives 2001
Kaplan, O. P.  M.S. Consideration of Cost and Environmental Emissions of Solid Waste Management Under Conditions of Uncertainty 2001
Pickett, M.  M.S. Modeling the Performance and Emissions of British Gas/Lurgi-Based Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Systems 2001
Rooker, A. P.  M.S. A Critical Evaluation of Factors Required to Terminate the Post-closure Monitoring Period at Solid Waste Landfills 2000
Mehta, R.  M.S. Comparison of Refuse Decomposition in the Presence and Absence of Leachate Recirculation at the Yolo County, California Test Cells 2000
Vaswami, S  M.S. Development of a Life-Cycle Inventory of MSW Gasification and Conversion to Methanol 2000
Pelton, M.  M.S. Effects of Aging on Bioavailability of Toluene and o-Xylene orbed to Municipal Solid Waste Components 2000
Taylor, C. M.  M.S. Relationships between Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Municipal Solid Waste and its Sorptive Properties 2000
Kusa, J.  M.S. A Quantitative Assessment of Air Pollutant Releases and Costs Associated with Increased Recycling in Urban and Rural Settings 1999
Sich, B.  M.S. The Effect of Landfill Gas Management on Optimal Solid Waste Management Strategies 1999
Sanchez, M.  M.S. Biodegradation of Polymers Under Simulated Landfill Conditions 1998
Kosmicki, B.  M.S. Optimization of Solid Waste Management Alternatives 1997
Dumas, R. M.S. Energy Consumption and Emissions Related to Electricity Generation and Remanufacturing Processes in a Life-Cycle Inventory of Solid Waste Management 1997
Fairweather, R. M.S. Evolution of Hydrogen Sulfide Attributable to the Co-disposal of Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludge and Demolition Waste with Municipal Refuse 1996
Solano, E. M.S. 1996
Zenker, M.J. M.S. Biological Treatment and Ozonation of Textile Dyeing Wastes 1996
Bonner, B.A. M.S. Biodegradation of Radiolabeled Test Polymers and Microbial Uptake During Refuse Decomposition 1996
Shafer, M.B. M.S. Anaerobic Biodegradation of Alkylbenzenes in Contaminated Groundwater 1994
Nishtala, S.R. M.S. Design and Analysis of Material Recovery Facilities in an Integrated Solid Waste Management System 1994
Odle, W. M.S. Biodegradability of the Yard and Food Waste Components of Municipal Solid Waste 1994
Rhew, R. M.S. The Effect of Lime Stabilized Sludge on Refuse Decomposition 1994
St. John, T. M.S. Environmental Impacts of Chemical Grouts - Toxicity Assessment 1994
Eleazer, W.E. M.S. Biodegradability of Selected Paper Components of Municipal Solid Waste 1994
Qian, X. M.S. The Source of Refuse Decomposing, Microorganisms in Individual Components of Municipal Solid Waste 1993
Johnston, J. N. M.S. Anaerobic Biodegradation of Alkylbenzenes and Chlorinated Aliphatics in a Piedmont Sanitary Landfill 1993
Malone, J.M. M.S. Environmental Impacts of Chemical Grouts 1993
Byrd, C. M.S. Biochemical Methane Potential of Fifteen Refuse Samples from an Oakland, California Landfill 1991
  Fonner, C. E. MCE Biochemical Methane Potential of Municipal Waste Components 2004
Cline, C. MCE Anaerobic Decomposition of Radiolabeled Cellulose in a Simulated Sanitary Landfill 1996
Howe, A. MCE A Spreadsheet Model to Evaluate the Cost of Sanitary Landfill Construction, Operation and Closure 1995
Curtis, E. MCE A Spreadsheet Framework for Analysis of Costs and Life-Cycle Inventory Parameters Associated with Collection of Municipal Solid 1996
Thomas, C. MCE Development of an Emission Factor for Non-Methane Organic Carbon from the Anaerobic Decomposition of Municipal Solid Waste 1994
Wang, Y. S. MCE Least Cost Alternatives for Meeting Municipal Solid Waste Recycling Objective 1992
Eichenberger, J MCE Validation of a Technique to Measure the Fate of Consumer Products in Sanitary Landfills Using 14C-Decomposition Intermediates 1994
Wang, Y. S. MCE Least Cost Alternatives for Meeting Municipal Solid Waste Recycling Objective 1992





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